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Beam Detection

Fireray One Plus reflector.jpg

Velocity Beam Detector - Range 5-50m

(Includes controller and a single reflector)

With no specialist tools or knowledge needed for installation and operation, the Fireray One is a standalone beam detector that prioritises ease of installation. Using the Fireray One, it couldn’t be easier to bring the benefits of beam detection to your application:

  • Auto-Aligns - using the integrated user interface - just steer the laser onto the Reflector, then at the flick of a switch, it aligns itself. 8 times faster than previous detectors

  • One person installation – everything can be done by one person

  • One standalone product – no specialist tools required; minimal prior knowledge and training needed

  • Integrated visible laser and auto-alignment for ultimate ease of alignment

  • Integrated user interface

  • Prevent nuisance alarms with Light Cancellation Technology™ which compensates for sunlight and artificial light sources

  • Building Movement Tracking™ continuously maintains alignment when buildings settle or flex due to temperature variations

  • Contamination Compensation to correct for gradual build-up of dust on optics

  • Clean detectors quickly and easily without affecting alignment

  • Low power consumption; can be powered from the loop

  • Prevent interference between beams with Dynamic Beam Phasing; install beams facing each other or in irregular configurations

  • Detection range of up to 120m



Extension kit.png

Velocity Beam 120m Long Range Extension Kit

(Includes 3 Prisms)

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