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The VDOT-DPH is an attractively-styled, low profile combined photoelectric smoke and heat detector for use with the fire alarm control panel of Velocity MMP series.

The VDOT-DPH Dual Optical Detector goes one step further and uses both IR and blue LEDs to provide a more accurate measurement of particles within the chamber. By calculating the ratio of these light sources, which operate at different wavelengths, the VDOT-DPH

can determine the particle size and thus distinguish between smoke and non-combustion products such as steam and dust.


This patented (used under licence), award winning technology provides an excellent solution to false alarms in areas prone to steam and dust, including hotels, hospitals and other areas of multiple occupancy.

The VDOT-DPH initiates an alarm in response to both rapid rate-of-rise conditions and fixed heat (57°C). Heat portion incorporates a highly linear thermistor circuit, with the thermistor mounted externally. The specially designed cover protects the thermistor while allowing maximum air flow. The thermistor circuit produces a voltage proportional to temperature which is scaled, and transmitted as a digitally encoded value to the control panel.

This detector has a chemically etched, stainless steel insect screen therefore reducing the ingress of insects and airborne contaminants.



•    Smoke detector discriminates between smoke and steam particles for reducing false alarm.

•    Heat detector detects rate of rise and fixed  temperature.

•    Well suited for hotels, hospitals and restaurants.

•    Low profile, stylish appearance.

•    Low monitoring current.


•    Remote indicator output.

•    Locking mechanism to avoid unauthorised removal.

•    Supplied with protective dust cover.

•    Address settable from 001 to 254 by a dedicated  programmer.

•    Automatic sensitivity compensation.

•    Adjustable sensitivity via control panel software.

•    Corresponds to auto-test function of Velocity MMP series control panel.


Detector Dimensions DPH.JPG
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