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The VDOT-PY is an attractively-styled, low profile, analogue addressable, photoelectric smoke detector for use with the Velocity MMP control panel series in analogue fire alarm systems.


This analogue addressable photoelectric smoke detector has a specific detector address to provide exact detector locations throughout the installation. This allows for constant monitoring of the detector sensitivity and reports the detectors condition to the fire alarm control panel.

Detector Models

The VDOT-PY has a new sophisticated smoke chamber design and an orange sensor LED which can provide the same sensitive detection regardless of the type of smoke.

This detector has a chemically etched, stainless steel insect screen, therefore reducing the ingress of insects and airborne contaminants.

The VDOT-PY has two terminals for connection onto the two wire loop. The remaining terminal provides a switched current sink function which operates when the detector goes into alarm condition, suitable or the operation of an auxiliary function such as a remote indicator. Terminal 3 (RIL) is limited to 2mA.


• Responds well to both black and white smoke.

• Low Profile, stylish appearance.

• Low monitoring current.


• Remote indicator output.

• Locking mechanism to avoid unauthorised removal.

• Supplied with protective dust cover.

• Address settable from 001 to 254 by a dedicated  programmer.

• Automatic sensitivity compensation.

• Adjustable sensitivity via control panel software.

• Corresponds to auto-test function of Velocity MMP series control panel


Detector Dimensions DPH.JPG
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