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The Velocity MMP system network has the facility to monitor, indicate and control the functions of a fire alarm installation, thus allowing signals to be distributed around a large site.


The network will accommodate up to 64 nodes. The network uses RS485 data communication and a total network cable length of up to 10km is possible. All panels will continue to function in stand-alone mode, even if the network fails.


On a Velocity MMP running in a network, all events are reported at all panels and all panels are able to remotely program other MMP panels sitting on the network.

Operation of outputs over the network is determined by the
programmed cause & effects. Any input on the network can be
programmed to operate any output.


•    Designed to meet UL864 10th Edition requirements.

•    Peer-to-peer networking.

•    Comprehensive cross network cause & effects.

•    Up to 64 panels may be networked together.

•    Remote programming over the network.

•    The network can be configured with either a ring or bustopology.

•    Fault tolerant design.

•    Extensive front unit status indications.

•    Quick and easy to install by plugging the RJ45 cable into the module and 

     control panel (cable supplied with unit).


VL-NWM Module-Front.jpg
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