The VL-ZMA is a three zone monitor module that is designed to be DIN mounted inside of a Velocity control panel. It’s powered and interfaced to the Velocity MMP via a RJ45 connection.


The module has three class A zone monitors which can be typically used for conventional devices and/or for special detectors that are not available in addressable form such as UV detectors, aspiration and beam detectors etc.


The module monitors and transmits the status (normal, open, short, or alarm) of zones with the detectors to a control panel. Each zone input can be programmed to either give a supervisory or alarm signal when active.


•   Designed to meet UL864 10th Edition requirements.

•   3 x Class A initiating device circuits.

•   Each zone is monitored for open & short circuit.

•   Extensive front unit status indications (see table below).

•   Quick and easy to install by plugging the RJ45 cable into the module and control panel

    (cable supplied with unit).

•   Each zone input can be configured as either Alarm or Supervisory.





UL864 - Certification Update 

We are pleased to announce that Velocity Detection has successfully passed all the required testing criteria to meet the UL864 10th Edition standard certification.


Certificate Pending: Imminent (in progress)

The official UL certificate will be added to the 'Approval' button at the top of this page when we receive it.