The plug-in VL-NCA module provides power for, and handles communications to the non-addressable notification appliances.    

It has one notification appliance circuit that can be wired in the class A configuration. 


Up to a maximum of 1A can be connected to a single class A circuit. The circuit is supervised for open, short and earth trouble conditions and will report this status back to a Velocity MMP fire alarm control  panel.    


An additional feature that is included in the VL-NCA module is that it has the ability to be programmed as a 24v auxiliary special application class A output, which can be used to provide power to external equipment.


•    Designed to meet UL864 10th Edition requirements.

•    Built-in synchronization circuitry (only compatible with Velocity devices).

•    Can be programmed for either synchronised bells or synchronised horns/chimes & beacons.

•    1 x Class a NAC output circuit (1A maximum load).

•    Extensive front unit status indications (see table below).

•    Can be programmed as a 24v auxiliary (1A maximum load).

•    Quick and easy to install by plugging the RJ45 cable into the module and control panel

     (cable supplied with unit).

•    Power Limited.





UL864 - Certification Update 

We are pleased to announce that Velocity Detection has successfully passed all the required testing criteria to meet the UL864 10th Edition standard certification.


Certificate Pending: Imminent (in progress)

The official UL certificate will be added to the 'Approval' button at the top of this page when we receive it.