The VL-x-S is a strobe product which is non-addressable, powered by

2-wire DC24V and can be either wall or ceiling mounted  indoors.  It can

provide a candela rating of 15cd, 30cd, 75cd, 110cd strobe. 

The appliances are connected to, and activated by a UL listed Velocity control panel. When multiple appliances are connected to a NAC, the strobe light between products in the same circuit area can be


When an alarm signal is emitted, it means there may be an emergency, and should be payed attention immediately.


• Designed to meet UL requirements.

• Compatible with all Velocity NAC circuits.

• Adjustable candela light output levels.

• Designed to be either wall or ceiling mounted.

• Indoor use only.

• Powered by 2-wire DC 24V.

• Can be installed in a standard square 4-inch double gang box.

• Light strobes on the same NAC can be synchronised.

Available Models:

VL-W-S-W - Wall Mount Strobe (White)

VL-W-S-R - Wall Mount Strobe (Red)

VL-C-S-W - Ceiling Mount Strobe (White)
VL-C-S-R - Ceiling Mount Strobe (Red)