UL-AOH smoke and/or heat detectors are microprocessor  controlled state-of-the-art detectors with built-in isolator  suitable for connection to addressable fire detection control and indicating equipment. Up to 250 detectors can be connected to each alarm zone loop. It can also be connected to conventional system with different base.
Advanced electronics in conjunction with a photoelectric smoke sensing chamber and an electronic thermistor provide early detection of fire and high immunity against unwanted alarms. The heat sensor provides sensitive rate-of-rise operation or fixed-temperature operation when the response threshold value is exceeded. 
The AOH-UL range ofdetectors provides fire detection and alarm system designers with a ALL in one, premiumfire detector for life safety and property protection applications.


The UL-AOH smoke/heat detectors are available with numerous attractive features. 

• Can be programmed to be opto, opto heat or heat only

• Will auto-switch to conventional / addressable mode  according to panel connected

• Adopt dual optical Sensor photoelectric smoke  technology, early detection of fire enabled

• Two dimensional parameters introduced to realize high immunity to false alarm.

• Drift compensation feature assures long term reliability.

• Temperature compensation, e.g, compensation for IR LED light output in cold / heat condition.

• Smoke chamber fault monitoring.

• Stable smoke sensing chamber. No adjustment or  replacement required.

• Durable heat sensor. No adjustment or replacement required.

• Sleek low-profile housing design.

• Dual LEDs for 360° visibility.

• DC 24 V operation.

• Convenient 2-wire connection.

• Easy installation with software addressing with hand-held programmer.

• Available with 250 usable detector address settings per loop.

• Remote LED output.

• Built-in short-circuit isolator.

• Low maintenance.