The Velocity VDOT-MNS-100BAS is a modular, voice evacuation system ideally suited as an extension to an existing fire alarm system.

The VDOT- MNS-100BAS accommodates virtually any host alarm system, integrating as quickly and easily as a single primary connection to a NAC output from the FACP. Many of the pre-set configurations will provide a complete voice evacuation capability right out of the box. Additional activation is by a single supervised input from a dry contact closure. Numerous audio inputs are provided for maximum control flexibility and system access. A supervised remote microphone input is provided for central placement for emergency personnel.

A high priority supervised audio input is provided that overrides lower priority activations. The system also provides a 25 VRMS speaker-level input to allow power booster operation (see below). An additional non-supervised audio input provided; this lowest- priority input can be used for paging or background music as application needs dictate.

A highly efficient, Class D, 100 Watt digital audio power amplifier drives four selectable power-limited speaker circuits in the standard configuration. All speaker circuits are continuously supervised, even while activated. Each speaker can be configured for Class A or B wiring without loss of speaker circuits. Amplifier output voltage is 25 VRMS standard.

An optional transformer can be configured for 70 VRMS output for longer speaker runs with low signal loss.

An audio power boost option is also available for additional output power in multiples of 100 Watts.

The VDOT-MNS-100BAS provides simple field programming of a variety of its features. These can be as simple as its response to contact closure inputs, or to the setting of internal SIP switch banks. It meets the stringent requirements of NFPA 72, UL864 9th edition, and UFC 4-021-01.


• 100 Watt, highley efficient Class D digital audio amplifier
• 4 Speaker Circuits (Class A or B wiring)
• Reverse polarity supervised FACP-NAC primary input
• Supervised dry contact primary activation input
• 2 Standard messages preloaded, ready to go
• Prioritise contact closure activation inputs
• Remote microphone input
• Aux audio inputs for paging, background music and
• remote system control.



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