VDOT-S6 Base is a detector base with sounder, which is individually or collectively controlled by a control panel using addressable system. The detector base has 4 sound patterns which are continuous, march, ANSI 3 temporal and 4 temporal patterns. These patterns which are used in and around buildings can be selected by a control panel. The sound pressure level at 10 feet from the base is over 85 dB. Up to 127 bases can be connected to a loop of the control panel. The base is designed to be mounted to 3-1/2” octagonal, 4” octagonal or 4” square electrical box.


  • UL Listed Base.

  • Compatible to Velocity’s UL Listed detectors.

  • Provides 4 sound patterns (continuous, march, ANSI 3 temporal, ANSI 4 temporal).

  • Over 85 bD at 10 feet away.

  • Address programmed by VDOT-AD2 programmer.

  • Contains a locking screw for tamper protection.

  • Reduces wiring cost.