The Det-Tronics® SmokeWatch™ VDOT-U5015 Explosion Proof Smoke Detector has Division and Zone explosion-proof ratings and is suitable for industrial and commercial applications. The SmokeWatch smoke detector is designed to operate effectively with smoldering and rapidly growing fires and contains the ability to annunciate fault ensuring no undisclosed failures. The VDOT-U5015 Smoke Detector outputs include 0-20 mA, a localized LED, and relays. Typical applications that use the VDOT-U5015 include:

• Combustible storage facilities
• Munitions manufacturing
• Volatile chemical storage
• Chemical processing plants
• petroleum refineries
• turbine enclosures
• Battery rooms
• HVAC applications

The hot-swappable sensor module is intrinsically safe and allows live maintenance while under power, without declassifying the hazardous area. The integrated junction box is available in a variety of port configurations for simplified wiring and installation. See Figure 1 for all the U5015 Smoke Detector components.


• FM Approved for use in Class I, Division 1, and Zone 1 hazardous locations
• FM Approved for smoke detection performance
• IECEx Zone approved
• Trouble-free photoelectric operation
• 0-20 mA output for DCS integration
• Self-checking circuitry ensures reliable smoke detection
• Alarm, Auxiliary, and Fault relays for controlling annunciating devices or fire panel interface
• LED provides a visual indication that an alarm has occurred
• IP44 ingress protection level suitable for onshore or offshore requirements


• Ideally suited for classified areas in the petrochemical, oil, and gas industry
• DCS, PLC, integration with milliamp, or relay outputs
• Rugged design for environmental extremes
• Visual confirmation of detector alarm
• Detects smouldering fires
• No undisclosed failures
• Able to mount on exterior of duct (with Q5016)



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