The VL-W-M is an indoor only, 2-wired DC 24V non-addressable  multi audible alarm appliance. It has the ability to adjust the tone and soundoutput levels.  This product is intended to be mounted or installed onto a wall.  It has been designed to be connected to a Velocity control panel NAC where the sound between chimes in the same circuit area can be synchronized. Caution: When an alarm signal is emitted, it means there may be an emergency, and should be payed attention to  immediately.

Available Models:

VL-W-M-W - Wall Mount Multitone (White)

VL-W-M-R - Wall Mount Multitone (Red)


• Designed to meet UL requirements.

• Compatible with all Velocity NAC circuits.

• Adjustable tone and sound output levels.

• Designed to be wall mounted.

• Indoor use only.

• Powered by 2-wire DC 24V.

• Can be installed in a standard square 4-inch double gang box.

• Horns on the same NAC can be synchronized.

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