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VDOT-STB-SCI is a 4 inch mounting base with short circuit isolator that isolates short-circuit to protect a detector failing. When short circuit is detected, LED indicator illuminates and the short-circuit area is isolated automatically.


Upon removal of the short condition, the area is automatically connected to go back to the normal operating status.  


VDOT-STB-SCI can be mounted to 3-1/2” octagonal electrical box, or to 4” square or 4” octagonal electrical box when using VDOT-ADP optional mounting adaptor.


The base is supplied with 3 terminals as standard.


The 12 – 20 AWG field wire can be connected to the terminals. VDOT-STB-SCI contains a locking screw to avoid unauthoried removal of detectors.


•    Short circuit isolator base.

•    UL Listed Base.

•    Compatible to Velocity’s UL Listed detectors.

•    Supplied with one LED indicator of S/C condition.

•    Contains a locking screw for tamper protection.

•    Current consumption 0.12 mA (Standby), 22 mA (Activated).

•    Power supply 20 VDC to 38 VDC supplied by loop.


Dimensions S6 base.JPG
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