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The Velocity MMP remote annunciator can be used to monitor, operate and program Velocity fire alarm control panels (FACPs) from anywhere within the networked system. 

The remote annunciator features a 4.3” colour touch screen display that provides easy-to understand system messages.


The annunciator is ergonomically designed with a LED, button and menu setup that perfectly replicates a Velocity MMP Control Panel. This will make the annunciator feel familiar to use for those who are trained/experienced in using the Velocity system.

It can operate as part of a networked system of up to 64 panel’s
peer-to-peer, with powerful programming options that allow configurable control over whether messages from specific panels are transmitted around the network or remain local.

The velocity remote annunciator is available in black to match virtually any decor, or red for applications where the annunciator must stand out. The annunciator enclosure can be surface or flush mounted.



•   4.3” colour touch screen display.

•   8032 Event Log.

•   Up to 64 panel peer-to-peer network.

•   Available in Black or Red colour.

•   13 status LED indicators.

•   5 function button controls.

•   Fully functioning annunciator provides the ability to program a  

    networked Velocity MMP control panel from the front screen.

•   Accommodates wiring lengths up to 1000 metres from the control panel

    for added design and install flexibility.

•   Network can we wired in either a bus or a ring topology if a redundant 

    path is required.

•   8 password protected access accounts available 

     (1 admin level, 7 user level).

•   Uncluttered and intuitive interface allows alarms,  supervisory,   

    and trouble events to be easily viewed.

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