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Require a NAC Power Booster Panel


Any of the 6, 10 or 26 port panels can also be used as an individual UL approved NAC Power Booster Panel if required.


This allows you to network the panel and power the sounder/strobe (NAC) circuits from a more convenient location on the system

Control Panels

Velocity has a choice of 3 standard panels and a remote annunciator.

All panels incorporate an intuitive 4.3" Touch Screen display and allows quick connectivity of any internal panel module 

Panels are set up to have 6, 10 or 26 ports, each port will allow connection to a single module 

inside panel v2.png
Touch screen 2.png

The graphical touch screen provides a clear, uncluttered and intuitive interface which results in the end user requiring minimal training.


Ideal for

1-4 Loop Systems


Ideal for

1-2 Loop Systems


Ideal for

1-8 Loop Systems


Remote Annunciator 

Each module simply quick connects on to din rails situated inside the control panel and connect via Cat cable .   

Plug and play 2.png

Additional panel options:    

SMART10-P printer.png

UL Approved



32 or 64 Zone front panel LED Indication

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